The Benefits of Cocoa Butter

Here are Madekind, we pride ourselves in using 100% Cocoa Butter in our products. We specifically chose Cocoa Butter as our key ingredient after thorough research and development, given its numerous benefits. 

Cocoa Butter comes from the cacao bean (found inside the pod). Studies have discovered that cocoa butter contains phytochemicals, which are naturally occuring plant-based chemicals that are beneficial for your skin.

Cocoa Butter is high in antioxidants, thus helping fight off free-radical damage, known to cause dark spots, skin aging, and duller skin. It's an excellent moisturizer thanks to its high fatty acid content. These fats, when absorbed by your skin, can help nourish and deeply hydrate your skin, thus resulting in a healthier look and feel. Cocoa Butter's fatty acids are especially beneficial for healing dry and cracked skin. 

Experience the wonderful benefits of Cocoa Butter with our Madekind All-Natural Multipurpose Balm, as well as our Madekind Beauty Balms (Made with Cocoa Butter & Mica Minerals).  ◡̈