About Us

madekind is an all-natural, all good beauty company. All our products are made to be kind for you, and kind for the planet too: 100% natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and safe for all types of skin. Made with love in the Philippines.

Our Story

We started the brand in 2017. Unknown to many, our brand was originally conceived due to an insight we gained from the hospital. One of our partners is a pediatrician, and she noticed that a lot of children in the hospital have chapped lips. They would use petroleum jelly to soothe their dry lips, and as a way of enticing them to moisturize---thought of cocoa butter as an alternative instead. After all, it does smell like chocolate. This simple idea of a pure, all natural cocoa butter product, that was made to soothe dry lips and skin gave birth to our first iteration of a healing balm.

In time, we were surprised to see more women buying our product. They inspired us to think about how else we can innovate. After researching and experimenting with colors, we created our first line of tints in 2018. Our beauty balms married the moisturizing benefits of cocoa butter, but with the playful pigments of mica minerals. Overwhelmed with our brand’s growth, we felt the need to rethink our brand and to take it to the next level. In 2019, we rebranded to Madekind Naturals in order to share our story in a better way. It was a name that reflected our philosophy: all our products are made with all-natural ingredients that are kind for you, and kind for the planet too.

We take our time to research and develop the products we create, and we’re proud to share that every Madekind product is 100% natural, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and safe for all types of skin. We’re proud to be a local beauty company, and every Madekind product is made with everyone in mind.

Our Products & Process

Our products are all natural without any added preservatives. The average shelf life of cocoa butter is 3-5 years and with everyday use, our 5g balms last around 2-3 months! It took us a while to get the shades we thought would be perfect for both fair and morena skin types – we are really proud of each shade and are excited to be able to share it to a wider audience.

We started off with research, looking for all natural pigments which were likely not to cause allergic reactions, and we came to the conclusion that mica minerals was the best option for us. We found a supplier that not just provides documentation on the pigments, certifying that they are natural and that they are safe to be used, but also reassures responsible and ethical sourcing while helping the communities around their site.

We went through a lot of experimentation and testing on ourselves, friends and family, to come up with the exact shade we wanted -- a highly pigmented balm, which was buildable to suit one's mood or need

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For inquiries, press, bulk orders, or collaborations, feel free to email us at madekindnaturals@gmail.com. Send us a direct message on Instagram, or a private message on Facebook @madekindnaturals.