1. How much are your products?

Our product prices range from PHP 400 up to PHP 1450. To check our range of products you may browse our shop page.

2. How do we order?

Select the product you would like to order on our website, the quantity, and click Add to Cart. Hit checkout when you are ready to pay for your order. If you encounter any issues, or have questions on how to order, feel free to email us at madekindnaturals@gmail.com or message us on Instagram or Facebook @madekindnaturals.

3. What are your modes of payment?

We accept payment through Paypal and bank deposits through BDO or BPI. For Paypal orders, you will receive a paypal invoice to your email. For bank deposits, our bank information will be provided to you on email. 

4. How much is shipping?

We ship via Fifth Express.

Shipping is calculated based on weight/amount of products ordered. 

  • Metro Manila Shipping- starts at PHP 55 
  • Rizal Shipping- starts at PHP 55
  • Cavite Shipping- starts at PHP 95
  • Provincial Shipping- starts at PHP 180

You can see the updated rates of Fifth Express here. We are currently not accepting international orders. If you have questions on shipping and rates, you can feel free to email us at madekindnaturals@gmail.com or message us on Instagram or Facebook @madekindnaturals.

5. How can we try your product?

We are currently not available in any physical store, but do follow us on Instagram and Facebook @madekindnaturals to stay updated on pop-ups and possible future stockists. If you would like us to stock our products in your store, please email us at madekindnaturals@gmail.com.

6. What if the product I want is out of stock?

We make our products in small batches to ensure product quality. Should we be out of stock, feel free to email us at madekindnaturals@gmail.com or message us on Instagram or Facebook @madekindnaturals.

7. How do I track my order?

You can input the tracking number provided to you on Fifth Express' shipment tracker. This tracking number is only given to you once your order has been confirmed, paid, and shipped. 

8. How can we get in touch with you?

Email us at madekindnaturals@gmail.com. Send us a direct message on Instagram, or a private message on Facebook @madekindnaturals.

9. My balms melted. Are they damaged?

Not at all! Cocoa butter, when pure, has a melting point of 36°C. If you see your balm in its liquid form, don't worry. Just pop it in the fridge for a couple of minutes, and it will be back to normal. 

10. My balms are so solid. How can I use them?

Our base is 100% cocoa butter that's why its solid, but upon touching it, the balm will quickly melt onto your skin due to its melting point at 36°C. Simply use the spatula to get some of the product (a little goes a long way) and apply onto your desired area. You can also allow the balm to sit in a warm bath (ex. a bowl of warm water) to reach a creamier consistency.

11. My balms have white spots. Are they still usable?

Yes! When pure cocoa butter experiences changes in temperature, it really "blooms" which forms those white crystals. This bloom effect does not affect the product at all. If you would like to get rid of it, you can simply allow the balm to sit in a warm bath (ex. a bowl of warm water). Once it melts, the white crystals will re-integrate. Mix well, and pop in the fridge to let it solidify again.

12. What is the shelf life of your products?

Our products are preservative-free, with a natural shelf life of 3 years.

13. Do you accept used madekind containers for recycling?

We are currently working towards reducing our waste and helping Mother Earth. Please stay tuned for our returns and recycling program.

14. Your info cards are made from seed paper. What is seed paper exactly?

Here at madekind, we do our best to be sustainable when possible. Seed Paper is made from recycled paper thus giving new life to used materials. It's embedded with spinach seeds, thus allowing you to grow your very own spinach plant. Simply shred the paper into small pieces, embed into a pot of soil, water to allow it to grow. 

15. How do you ship your products sustainably?

We care for the planet, and thus have chosen to use compostable mailers when shipping out our products--using alternatives like corn or cassava instead of the usual plastic option. Our products are also shipped in biodegradable kraft boxes, keeping your orders intact while doing our part to help the planet too! 

16. I'm shipping my order to the province. Will my products be okay?
Our HQ is based in Metro Manila. For provincial orders, it can be expected that our balms may arrive melted. But don't worry, this does not mean the product is ruined/damaged! Please see FAQ #9 and #10 for more information.

17. What are your Terms and Conditions?
Our terms and conditions can be seen here.